Schmaga at the German Imagine Cup Finals and the MS Community Open Day

It is time again this week. The national finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup are going down. The cup is a technology contest for students. It is divided into categories (this year it’s Games, Innovation and World Citizenship) and in each category three German teams compete against each other. There has already been a preliminary selection during regional Finals. The winner teams of each category will be able to participate in the world’s international finals in Seattle and will also receive a few other rewards. And in Seattle even more honor and fame may wait for them. Because the competition there has a high degree of visibility to certain people like investors, supporters and other interested parties. I am emotionally connected to the Image cup as well, because me and some friends competed in 2009 and reached second place in the national finals. Including a handshake with the German minister of development 😉

But this time will be special in one certain aspect, because I will be part of the Jury for the Games competition 😉 I have to be honest: I am a little nervous. I have never been on a Jury in a contest of any kind. People who know me also know me as a passionate gamer who has literally consumed hundreds of games in his lifetime. That’s why I will try to do my best to be an objective and fair judge. After having a first look on the three competing teams I can say: It’s going to be exciting for sure.

The award ceremony will be on Friday during the opening of the Microsoft Community Open Day (COD), which I will attend in my role as .NET Usergroup lead in Essen. During the COD many Usergroup leads, most valuable professionals and other people from the Microsoft Community gather to discuss, network and see interesting talks. I am exciting about that as well and looking forward to meet old and new faces.