Hello and welcome!
Here you will find a short glimpse of my skill set. But this is just an excerpt. I would love to tell you all about my skills and experience personally or I can send you a detailed profile and my references. You could also check my profile on XING.

My specializations

  • Software development using .NET (Core) and C# using the clean code approach
  • Web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript), especially using Angular and the ASP.NET Core Framework
  • Software architecture and Microservices
  • Managing the technical aspects of the software development process
  • Trainings or coaching for developers and teams

Next to my job, my favorite hobby is music. I play the guitar and bass in band projects and an orchestra, but I also enjoy listening to good music for hours to relax or during work. As a nerd, video games are of course important, as are good tv series. But I also love indulgence of many types, like a great night with friends and a glass of wine or Whisky. Or a good party.

I am also leading the .NET Usergroup in Essen in my spare time.


  • Certified Professional Software Architect – Foundation Level (iSAQB)
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer 2012 – Web Applications (Microsoft)
  • Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE 7 Programmer (Oracle)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer 2010 – Web Applications (Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Windows XP and Server 2003 (Microsoft)

Experience in specific industries
E-Commerce, Commerce, IT-Operations, Software development

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