What do I perceive as consulting?

During my early years as a student and on the job, I did not have a high opinion of the consulting. I always thought consultants were those people who shine by a smattering of everything and presentations filled with buzzwords, trying to sell services to the customer that he really doesn’t need.

It seems I was quite narrow-minded back then. That perspective changed over the years while working with consultants. And there are quite a few out there who know their stuff. Working with them really changed my mind and I now really do try hard to be part of that group. There are certain services that are part of a software developers job which are definitely to be categorized as consulting work anyway.

Because of my skills in many topics, I think I will be able to enrich your team. Although I always point out that I am not an expert in everything. I would rather not apply for a project than trying to sell expertise I do not have. Of course I will always try hard to dig into whatever domain or technical knowledge you would like me to learn as part of a project.

What could be part of a consulting job?

Maybe you need support in optimizing your software development process… Or you might need an honest and neutral opinion of an outsider about the quality of your application or architecture. I will also support you in trying to choose certain tools or third party libraries for your project.

Through my experience as a trainer, I have the ability to explain and communicate complicated facts and dependencies as understandable as possible. I am able to speak with peers on a technical level. But I can discuss project goals and the current development process alignment with the business side as well, while abstracting away technical details.


Technology consulting
Do you need to find the right technology for your specific projects, or support during their introduction? I am glad to help!



Optimizing the software development process
Over the years, many practices and methods have been established which improve software quality. They will make your software more sustainable and secure your investments. I offer workshops or flexible team coaching, tailored to your company’s individual needs.


Architectural consulting and neutral code reviews
Need evaluation of your architecture against your requirements or would you like to modify an existing architecture? Or maybe you would like to have someone from the outside conduct a neutral review of your code? Just ask!