Why train your personnel?

Software that has grown over a period of time and which does not follow any general structuring principle can become unmaintainable very quickly. Clean Code Development can help you avoid high costs and can put your software back onto a stable platform.

The world of software development is in a constant state of change. Good software developers are expected to be able to learn and to apply new technologies and methods in only a short period of time. Measuring your own code against established structuring principles, metrics, readability and a common vocabulary becomes even more important in the current times of agile software development, where other developers constantly have to read, understand and change your code on a daily basis. This is a technology-independent approach of code quality, code structure and optimized development process that I can teach your employees.

It is an investment that pays off for your company in many ways. Having a strong team is essential and will be competitive edge in a market that is driven by a growing shortage of skilled personnel. Training your employees can bind them to your company and can improve motivation and identification with your company.

Why I am the man for the job.

My goal is to be very customer-oriented. You should be excited about my services. I will not hesitate to tailor content and form of training and coaching to your company’s individual needs. I will also try to incorporate technologies and specifics of your company’s environment into my trainings.

Beside my years of experience with technological frameworks and facts, I always try to keep an eye on meta-topics like continuous integration, code reviews, pair programming, software architecture, etc.

You live and learn. Especially as a software developer. Never stop growing on a personal and professional level and always try to keep up with the latest developments. I strongly believe in life-long learning and I would love to get a chance to pass my passion about that onto you with one of my trainings.


.NET Technology Trainings
If you need a technical workshop in .NET, C# or other technologies for your employees, then I can help you. Many years of experience in practice and as a trainer, along with my certified skill sets qualify me to train many parts of the .NET framework or parts of the web.


Clean Code Development Workshops and Coaching
During the last years, many principles and practices to improve code-quality have been established. These will make your software development more sustainable and secure your investments. I offer workshops or the flexible coaching of teams, tailored to your specific requirements.