Need a fresh perspective or know-how in your team? Need a short-term extension of your capacity? I can help!

Hire me as an experienced developer for your team. I develop with passion.

No matter if it is communication using serial ports, querying SQL-Databases, building web application, talking to legacy-systems or coding of graphical user interfaces. I love discussing architectural topics, too, as they can have a huge impact on projects. Working under pressure does not stop me from putting that passion into my work, and I try to pass that passion on to my environment.

A short glimpse of my range of experience

During the last years, I was able to gather experience in a wide range of projects with very different customers. My technical focus is on development using Microsoft’s .NET Framework and associated technologies. Among those I already put to practice are:


Software development using .NET and C#
I came into contact with many parts of the .NET Framework, like the Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Forms, the Windows Presentation Foundation and a huge part of the ASP.NET Web Framework. But I am also not afraid to apply special techniques like asynchronous programming or serial communication on the bit-level.


Software development using web technologies
Development using web technologies has seen a huge spike over the last years, and JavaScript is still a rising star as a client and full-stack language. Eventually, HTML 5 and client-side UI-Frameworks like Angular have become the technologies of choice for many projects. I offer experience with full server-side web applications (ASP.NET MVC) as well as lightweight web-interfaces (ASP.NET Core Web API).

In all these projects I was able to work with a variety of third party libraries and tools, all of which can massively add to productivity during software development. I routinely work with design patterns, Git or other version control systems, static code analysis, refactoring tools like ReSharper, and also methods like Test-Driven-Development, Pair Programming and Code Reviews.

I am still not a simple backend developer. Working closely with designers, I have already developed an innovative user interface for a project. Through technical certifications like the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, I provide additional proof of my skills and I try to educate myself on a wide variety of technical and business topics on a regular basis. You can hire all of that knowledge.

When working in teams, I try hard to pass along my passion for code quality to co-workers and always try to identify room for improvement in the current processes. No matter if I have to lead or be part of a team. Regardless of the development process, like agile development or other approaches, I am able to adapt.